Human Hair extensions act as the ideal technique of adding a fresh design to your hair and can also add in length and also volume. When utilizing extensions for these reasons, you might want to take them away after you have worn them for around three months. This not only aids in protecting your natural hair but it as well aid in protecting your hair extensions. For that reason, there are some various and best ways to remove hair extensions that you need to follow.


For sewn in hair extensions, you will have to assemble the following items: scissors, wide tooth comb, shampoo and conditioner, and a 100% real hair extension removal tool of your choice. You need to remember that these extensions that are sewn in and therefore can become complicated to remove and can as well possibly bring about hair loss if a good procedure for removing them is not followed.


The first step to taking them away is to find the thread that was sewn to your natural hair. After this has been found, you are going to use the scissors to cut the thread. But, you have to be careful, so you don't cut your hair. After the thread has been cut, you can pull the extension from your hair and repeat all the way around your head. Once all extensions have been taken away, wash and condition your natural hair.


For glue in extensions, you will have to use glue dissolver, shampoo, conditioner, or remover and a wide tooth comb. These UK hair extensions have the possibility of doing a lot of damage, and therefore, you will have to use the highest care while removing these extensions. Use the glue dissolver or remover to the base of the extensions. Work the extension until you feel it has started to become loose. After it has become loose, you will have to use the comb to take away the extension through your natural hairs length. Repeat for the remaining extensions and then do a good wash and conditioning.



For cold and thermal fusion extensions, you will have to use a wide tooth comb bond removal shampoo and conditioner, and a bond remover. Even though it is recommended to have these kinds of extensions removed at a hair salon, you can still remove them from your place. You will have to apply the bond remover to the extension's base and work it up to the length of the hair and let it sit for a minimum of ten minutes so as to loosen the bond.